Bestlang’s interpreters are extraordinary specialists providing services at many kinds of different events, such as conventions and seminars, ceremonies, press conferences as well as negotiations, boards assemblies, and other occasional meetings.

Consecutive interpretation is a method of communication when an interpreter first listens to the speaker, and then the speaker makes a short break to let the interpreter translate the phrases spoken out.

Conference and semi-simultaneous interpretations are exceptionally difficult tasks for interpreters, who – except for their language skills – must show attention divisibility and an ability to remember long and complex statements. Usually, the interpreter is also responsible for skilful communication of a few persons at the same time, e.g. during fervent discussions. We always care for the best service possible and our interpreter’s health, that’s why during these sessions there are always at least two interpreters, who change places every 20 minutes.

Whispered interpreting is a variety of simultaneous interpreting. It takes place when the interpreter accompanies a listener/a meeting participant and interprets, not disturbing the quiet or the meeting atmosphere and not drowning out the speaker.

Simultaneous interpretations are performed by interpreters, who work from soundproof booths. The interpretation is delivered to the headphones of all the meeting participants. The translation is concurrent; there is no pause for it to be provided. During such an interpretation, the interpreter usually works with an assistant interpreter or – in the case of difficult tasks – with two extra interpreters. Interpretation is effected into one language only. Multilanguage interpretation is possible by means of the relay function. It means that first the interpretation is transferred into the booths of other language interpreters. Thus, the speech can be interpreted from a source language through a middle language into the target language.

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