Localization is a translation process, which is performed in order to transfer a product or service to your target audience, which uses a different language than the original target group. This form of translation requires a global translation in the context of a service or product. It is not sufficient to translate just the particular text, we need to translate of all messages, alerts etc., and adjust them to the linguistic conventions of the target language.

Localization services are conducted by special teams of translators that are responsible for the adaptation of the localization in terms of cultural, stylistic and lexical conditioning.

Preparing Localization, our translators take special care about the translation correctness and context in which the new text will operate. Properly executed localization is basically the set of texts that effectively communicate with the customer. Knowledge of the context, the industry, and the ability to adapt the translation determine the competence of the team which performs the localization.

Localization process in Bestlang:

  1. Files preparation
  2. Translation memory preparation
  3. Translation, editing and quality control
  4. Graphical localization
  5. Language quality control
  6. Creation of a compilation or DTP

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